Product Category: Metal Work Classes

Folded & Enameled Leaf (class) $75.00, includes materials

In this class, you first will learn about working with sheet metal: shaping and folding. Then working with a torch, we will enamel our our leaves with glass enamel. They'll be gorgeous!

Textured Copper Earrings (class) $50.00, includes materials

Textured EarringsWith a hammer, texturing tools and a disk cutter, you will learn in this class new skills to create unique earrings and pendants, and will be able to create other jewelry in the future.

Folded Cuff Bracelet (class) $85.00, includes materials

create of cuff braceletUsing a disk cutter and texturing tools, you will design and create a contemporary cuff bracelet. You will also learn about cold joins when you rivet your pieces together. A great class!

Soldering Chain (Class) $85., includes materials

Chain Making classIf it's basic soldering you long to learn, than this is the class for you! In this class, working with a torch and heat we will hand craft a chain, soldering and shaping jump rings, and complete our creation with a toggle clasp, made by you!

Flamed Cuff Bracelet (class) $60 + materials

Flamed Cuff BraceletWhether or not you've worked with a torch, and have metal smithing skills, we are quite certain you will find this technique and the opportunities it presents for further exploration, exciting. With heat we will create texture by manipulating copper. We will complete our project with a patina and by riveting our heated piece to a cuff.

BangleMania (class) $40.00 + materials

banglemania With wire of various shapes, colors and textures we will create these most interesting and fun bangles. Once you have mastered the technique you will surely amaze yourself, and us, with the unlimited creative options that await. We welcome you to explore with beads and metals.In this class you will learn about wire, wrapping and how to create a clasp. We will use plated wire, but you all welcome to explore further with precious metals which we have available for purchase.

Cold Connections: Stamping & Riveting (Class) $50.00, includes materials

stamping & rivetingWithout using heat, learn to join metals together using other materials such s screwa, rivets and wire.  We'll also have fun stamping and drilling the metal to complete our creations.

Flower Power (Class)

flower powerUsing wire and semi-precious stones and other materials, we'll learn to create jewelry components that can then be made into rings, pendants and earrings.
Price: $50.00
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